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Jan. 9th, 2006 | 09:03 pm
posted by: sandsofpatience in the_l_j_s_team

OKay I was totally bored and talking to a friend of mine who is also a T&C girl, and we were discussing current fics we were writing. And I realised OMG! I forgot about LJS completely! If no one wants to continue this as a fic I'll just write it by my self coz I really wanna post it, up to u guys.

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Sep. 18th, 2005 | 08:13 pm
posted by: sandsofpatience in the_l_j_s_team

This is obviously on pause coz of our work and I can't do anymore til the holidays because of the wedding approaching...

Holidays we can start this up again and maybe get a first chapter... ... you never know *muses*

Love Flick

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Sad News

Sep. 7th, 2005 | 08:26 am
posted by: sandsofpatience in the_l_j_s_team

Hello Everyone!

Unfortunately I have no updates for the Leather Jacket Story with me :(

However I bring sad news (Doctor Who of course ;) ):

Not a spoiler just something i found

Anyway talk later bells gone

Click here for sad newsCollapse )

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Sep. 5th, 2005 | 07:37 pm
posted by: heartmindsoul05 in the_l_j_s_team

i'll get onto the new bits soon, but keep writing the dares and so forth!!! please!!!

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Sep. 5th, 2005 | 01:41 pm
mood: mischievousmischievous
posted by: sandsofpatience in the_l_j_s_team

Here is some add on I have thought up

Sonic Screwdriver Dare:


"I dare you, to ask the Doctor  what setting is the vibrator on the sonic screwdriver!"

"How do you even know the Sonic Screwdriver has a vibrator setting?"

"Come on! He's a 900 year old alien! How do you think he survived?"



Cold Water Dare

"Jack truth or dare?"

"Dare, I'm game!"

"Really?" Rose said almost evilly "Well then, I dare you, to go up to the controls and tell the TARDIS to turn off the water heating!"

"Righty-o then..."  Jack walked up to the controls " With a little bit of this and a little bit of that and----" his birdy was interrupted by a loud yell...

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Who the hell turn off the hot water...... JACK!!!" Rose couldn't stop giggling




The Jacket Dare

"Well now... I dare you to... STEAL THE DOCTOR'S LEATHER JACKET!!!" Jack announced

"No way! Steal the surgically binded Leather Jacket...from the grasps of the Doctor... while he's in the shower?"

"Yes! Give Rose a trophy!"

"While he's naked in the shower?"

"Um yeah, that's kinda obvious"

"I can't believe this!"

"Well if you don't do it you'll just have to snog him later and God knows where that could end up!"


Jack slowed down, "If you don't do the dare... you have to... snog the Doctor"

"Fine but I still can't believe you are making me do this Jack!"




After the Taking

"OMG! I can't believe I just stole his jacket"


"It's 'The Jacket'"

"The Jacket?"

"Yes! The Leather Jacket!"

"And your point is?"

"It's The Irremoveable Leather Jacket!"

"OMG! I's-It's The Jacket... Here! Let me put it on for you!"

"Why thank you!"



Tell me what you thin about them and post some of your own ideas! The more random, the more funnier this magnificent creation will be!!!!

Insert even laugh here!

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Sep. 2nd, 2005 | 10:14 pm
mood: boredbored
posted by: sandsofpatience in the_l_j_s_team

Well this the community!
Post ideas and it doesnt matter if they are random put them in...

We should have colour codes *muses*

I am once again suffering from 'down boredom syndrome' as I have dubbed it.
If any of you are on please post I am lonely


Anyway back to the story the current story is...




*giggle* “WHAT!?” *giggle*




“Oh, is that all?” *giggle* #snort#




*giggle* “How should I know? *giggle* Ask Jack!” #snort#




#snort# “NO!!! Ask Rose!” *giggle*#snort#


All hell had broken loose aboard the TARDIS. During his regular morning shower, the Doctor’s favourite (not to mention only jacket had been taken. He didn’t know what was worse, losing his jacket, or knowing that someone had been in the bathroom - while he was naked in the shower, with that flimsy, see-through shower curtain, which was split strait down the middle!


The Doctor definitely knew what was worse…


 “WHERE’S MY JACKET???!!!!???”


One hour previously…
  “Whaaaaaaatt” he whined back
  “I’m bored”
  “Me too”
  “Oh enough you two, you are worse than a pair of two year olds”
  Compared to you we are a pair of two year olds” Rose teased
That’s it! I’m going to have a shower so no touching the controls or causing mayhem while I’m gone!”
Rose and Jack just stared at each other, with slow grins creeping onto their faces, mischievous glints in their eyes.
 “So… Rose my dear, how about a small game of… truth or dare?” Jack asked, his eyes brightening even more.
 “hmm… I might be persuaded, if it includes alcohol,” Rose replied grinning cheekily.
Twenty minutes later found two very drunk adults playing a very dangerous game of truth or dare, in other words…
Okay so that's it so far...
We have some more ideas progressing like...
  • Tarni's idea to incorporate the "twuk" story (will expand later)
  • Dare: Sonic screwdriver setting (dependent on rating ;))
  • Dare: One has to program the TARDIS showers to cold water only and... extending posibility that this is what cause the Doctor to get out of the shower in the first place
  • Dare: Paint TARDIS console room in special rainbow glowing fluroescent paint!!! hehehehe
  • there was some more but cant remember 

Talk later


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